Cultivated in Georgia , Dereck and his refreshingly natural singing talent are campaigning for legendary status. His smooth, tenor vocals command the attention of the ladies and his relatable lyrics are magnetic for the gentlemen. Dereck lulls his sultry love songs in a distinct, mellow tone that sets him apart from others in the current music climate. Not only does he offer a soundtrack and a sexy backdrop, but Dereck provides an experience. And he wants you to make loveā€¦Music that is.

Writing his own lyrics since he was young, Dereck developed a knack for composing songs that evoke emotion. The art of storytelling mixed with his carefully placed rifts and background vocals, result in the no-holds-barred medleys that are edgy and honest.

Like a steam pot ready to spill over, and his love experience can hardly be contained. Driven and dedicated to his craft, Dereck is expressing our lives through music. And his music is just like a 1st love: once it happens you never forget it.